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What is VIS?

  • VIS is as an initiative from few IT professionals who have strong experience in application development & application support from different business domain. This makes VIS to excel in application development & production support. As IT processes evolves, VIS keep its workforce to be updated in new technologies so that it can meet customers expectation. Our service being integrated with customers business operation so that make customers more comfortable. In an organization, VIS identifies major process can be streamlined/automated , this make customers to tune their workforce to yield maximum productivity.

Application Development & Support

IT system plays a vital role in shaping business process & building an organization competence enough to succeed in swiftly changing modern economy. This involves adapting new technologies, making applications functional with maximum operational easiness as well as can make significant contribution to organization. Also, IT system in an organization will undergo changes by adding new efficient applications as well as removing applications which already completed its role.

    Based on the experience in IT application development and application support, VIS becomes a consistent as well as skilled partner for a client on revising & maintaining applications. VIS can analyze existing IT system, propose required processes, procedures & solutions where it needed, implement changes & maintenance systems. VIS will provide expertise in wide range of technologies, processes & functional areas.

Application Development

  VIS could identify what business requires in a very comprehensive way. Also, its development team could develop seamless, reliable & effective applications. These new applications will be integrated to system with minimum turnover efforts. VIS ensure following qualities in application development ‑ minimum utilization of time and cost, achieving milestones with in the schedule.

Application Support:

Application maintenance & support system is the key team for the day to day business operation. This system so should have the functional knowledge (what business requires?) & technical knowledge (how application runs?). Also It should have the knowledge on how applications are interconnected. VIS has long proven record on its resources which make any support project will be successful.

Data Solutions

    Business Intelligence undergone a tremendous change over a period. More sophisticated as well as cost effective solutions & applications made BI is more affordable to most of the organizations. At the same time, across all industries, irrespective its size, companies are aware of significance on BI systems based on the value it brings to organization. VIS do posses profound experience with proven results on designing, implementing successful Business Intelligence solutions.

VIS focus on following:

  •   Designing of data warehouse - Understanding vital fact elements with surrounding deciding attributes (dimensions) as conceptual schema. Converting this conceptual schema to effective seamless & reliable RDBMS physical model.
  •   Designing Data Integration Process (ETL) from different source systems & implementation. ‒ This involves ETL operations of duplicate removal, reference checking, merging, change capture operation etc.
  •   Data Reporting- understanding what business requires, implementing reports by pulling data from data repository.
  •   Data Analysis & trend analysis - With the help data science tools, discover underlying pattern in historical data, effectively communicating to decision /policy makers.

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